The 15 Dead Minutes – Purging The Pious (Earwiggle EAR 007 – 2014)

Hard to say if Delinquent Dialect, Dr. Skunkenstein and Heuristic Audio are the persons qualified for investment advice, but certainly they are trusted source for electro-tinged floor material. The three have individually recorded for labels like Templedog, Electro Avenue, Satamile NYC and all together they make up the UK group The 15 Dead Minutes (T15DM).

The new EP moves clearly in the fast lane, starting with groaning Ra-X reminiscent techno in “Purge The Pious”, followed by crunchy electro-acid “20 Parts Per Million” in the footsteps of Khan & Walker. Coming at first instance close to Millsian 4/4 fare, “Your Belief Is Broken” is the most dance-appealing of the lot, discomforting the linear plot with grinding synth lines and “Ugly Growths” spills hefty portions of acid on the floor.

After gnarly “Scheming Things” on Earwiggle’s fellow Irish label Trensmat, the pals from T15DM have chosen a less winding path but maintain a frenzied look in their eyes. Limited to 250 pieces, “Purging The Pious” is expected on red splatter vinyl.

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