No kidding, techno institution Tresor goes post-Harthouse when two French producers, DJ Deep and Roman Poncet, are pacing the night with swirling trance-induced cuts in “Extraction”. It is a different and stimulating release in current techno landscape, although during first listen I felt a little puzzled how to take it. Having started with spectacularRead More →

This is another edition of the “Promos & Classics” series. While most of the tracks used in this mix are new and belong to those that have caught my attention recently, it features also 1990ies material. Please meet Steve Stoll’s and Damon Wild’s project Voyager 8, Detroit’s Scan 7, Oliver Lieb’s Solieb project, ACV’s Riccardo RocchiRead More →

For Viewlexx, a trusted offshoot of I-F’s empire, 2015 marks the 20th year in the business. The journey that once began with “Portrait Of A Dead Girl 1”, continues with DJ Overdose’s “Master Control”, a new EP by the master of robust electro funk. However, the opener deviates from the familiar line, when catchy italo hommageRead More →