Mono Junk – FP-008 (Forbidden Planet FP008 – 2015)

The comeback story of an analog junkie continues. Everyone familiar with the 1990s techno knows how significant role Kimmo Rapatti and his DUM Records played and not only for the Finnish scene. Luckily we do not need past tense in telling this story because after several quiet years, Rapatti revived his Mono Junk alias and after two releases in 2014 keeps delivering.

Along with an EP for Skudge White, Mono Junk returned to the Canadian imprint Forbidden Planet to follow up last year’s EP, doing it in a most enjoyable way. Hedonistic horns of the opener “Prince Of The Night” sound like the classic “Beyond The Darkness” has been propelled to the Gigolo-curated electroclash world. Even juicier is the aptly titled “Suomen Moroderit Theme”, a lengthy cut flying in italo spheres and fuelled by polyester synth leads al Giorgio .

The B-side opens with a remix of “Channel B”, the original out in 1995 on Trope and then reissued in 2006 as a single-sided vinyl on Styrax Leaves. Co-produced by Roberto Bosco, it is a dub-dripping tribute to a certain Berlin-based label. In the final notes arrives the time to witness a waterfall of warm chords and excited synth passages in “Maaliskuu”. Another great one by Mono Junk.

Points: 9 of 10

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