Various – Replicants (Inner Surface Music INNER010 – 2015)

replicants“Replicants”, the first full-length compilation on Inner Surface Music, recalls for some reason the 1990s when techno samplers were a common thing and beside of quantity provided timeless selections of the contemporary sound. There were even special labels, like New Electronica which was licensing material from other outlets, not to speak about much-acclaimed series like “Techno Nations”, “In Order To Dance” and even “Thunderdome”. All of them offered a peek into new and established talent, providing aspiring DJs with classy, and often eclectic selection of new tracks.

“Replicants” is a compilation right on target, offering a variety of sounds between classic loop techno and industrial-minded exploits. Sleeparchive’s bleepy dash “Plates” gives a simple and efficient kick-off, but then the landscape changes with “All Flesh”, a sonic bondage conceived by the minds of Toronto’s tandem Rich Oddie and Huren aka O/H. Harsh, commanding shouts combined with militant rhythm give an immense bang. Another standout contribution is Perc’s metallic loop track “Hiding From Carl”, equally excelling with simplicity and ingenuity.

The next two cuts come from Repitch affiliates: After Honzo’s (aka Davide Carbone) compressed noise theme “Dissociated Identities”, Gaja conducts a surgery in techno’s early organisms (“Noys Lambent”). Takaaki Itoh’s “Present” is a Downwards-style floor slammer, preceding another brilliant cut that comes from Ontal, a revelation in 2015. “Spasm” represents his trademark roughness with shredded drum patterns, shrill synths and insane hoover sound on top of that. Portugal’s Sturqen wraps it up with power noise from the foundry, “Cota” being the most experimental track of this outstanding compilation.

Points: 9 of 10

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