Svreca – An Unfolding Portrait (SEMANTICA 82 – 2019)

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On board of a perpeetum mobile

If there are concerns about techno’s health, just call Dr Svreca. His new release ends the artist’s four-year pause in the solo career, and not with the debut album that might be expected from a man of experience, but with an utterly efficient EP of living techno. “An Unfolding Portrait” is another proof that Semantica’s founder knows a thing about the art of endless groove and striking simplicity.

The first three tracks are feeling like on board of a perpeetum mobile. “How To Become Nothing”, was initially thought to be a remix of Rrose’s “The Ends Of Weather” and is now used with the artist’s permission with some excerpts of the original. A forceful track from the start to the end, it lets a special squad in protective overalls to descend from fast-melting glaciers of Mars, distant male choir samples ringing in their ears.

Soaked in citric oil, “Peels A Tangerine” is a comparatively lightweight version of the previous, while robust loops of tunneling “Nida” stick to the stone-cold concept of this EP, with an horde of mutated insects penetrating a curtain of dusk. For the end, “Frue” is built of monotone, fast-paced bass ticking on atmospheric backdrop. A must-have for DJ bags.

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