November was a month of several quality releases that required to extend the Terminal 313 top at Juno to twenty entries. Label of the month title goes to Darkestral that tops the ranking with “Last Train To Lexington”, a raw electro two-tracker by Transportation AAD. In the third spot isRead More →

Long formats with experimental angle dominated my Juno charts in October. Was pleased to learn that Red Stars Over Tokyo did a great mini-LP “Hits Of Sunshine”, containing both ambient warmth and pulsating bass. Grinding sounds in excess are found on Alva Noto‘s (Carsten Nicolai) “Univrs”, released by German experimentalRead More →

The last month’s chart generated in Juno sees Kassem Mosse leading the game with “Enoha EP“, a percussive deep house experience in electro dressing. Blawan is another guy to watch out and although his EP on tradition-filled imprint R&S received controversial critics, it’s a blatant mixture of techno and house.Read More →

Always keen to learn what DJ Stingray is up to and the new EP, released in August on his own Micron Audio imprint, hit the first slot in Terminal313 charts last month. Container is from the USA, more precisely from Nashville, and lines up with other wild side leftfield electronicRead More →

Italian dominance resumes in the newest chart that is led by Manuel Fogliata aka Nuel. He managed to put new life into stratospheric electro by doing a great four-tracker for the Aquaplano Ltd series. Dominating the global club floors is Levon Vincent who understands the balance between maximum output andRead More →

Another month of excellent releases, topped by another masterpiece by Prologue when Donato Dozzy and Neel embarked on an aquatic trip in “Silent Drops”. The boys of Unit Moebius were sighted again at the sewers of La Haya, to team up with Shitcluster for weird electro tracks. Perc‘s “Wicker &Read More →

The May charts herald another return of acid. Twenty years after his first release, Italian Lory D is in a great form when reinforces surprisingly the roster of Numbers, hitting with EBM-minded acid tracks. Japanese producer Iori combines droning techno journey with subtle acid confirming that Prologue Music is aRead More →