Emad Parandian – Marangai Waikawa (Haknam 01) – 8/10

The name Parandian may sound Armenian but the artist here is a  Universität der Künste student from Berlin with a heritage of folk music and classics. A-side is a percussive, synth- and FX-filled voyage in a dark tunnel with barking echoes and a remote tribalistic chorus – here and there it makes you slightly shiver. Despite of being somewhat faster and closer to dub techno, in a DJ mix the track would sound well alongside Cheap and Deep Productions.
B-side is an upbuilding ryhthm collage with reverbs and mystic voice processing. The track on the flip, “Scud“, serves anxiety: ghostly moon blinks between the steel-grey cloud rags but there’s not enough light; wet and naked tree branches hit against your face and mythological creatures are raving behind the trees. Just can’t put it into the words, better listen yourself to the record.

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