Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono N° 1 – Masikulu Dub (CNG 2) – 10/10


The first release of the label Congotronics was day and sun, this is night and moon. Much darker atmosphere here as Hard Wax head honcho Mark Ernestus has filtered original Congolese composition by Konono N° 1 into pulsating drum tracks.Psychedelic voices decorate the dub version on the A-side while the flip (“Masikulu Rhythm”) is reduced into dry and percussive loops. Dubbed out growling on knocking percussion paints a picture where sharp-eyed hunters of the tropical rain forests are at large to get your attention. This is a kindred spirit with “Wireless” by T++ and the work of Harmonious Thelonious. Warrior […]

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Various – Mukuba Special / Rubaczech (CNG 1) – 9/10


“Rubaczech” may sound like surname of a Czech ice hockey player but the foundations of this release lie elsewhere, in the lands the humanity derives from. “Rubaczech” is a creation of Konono N° 1, a congolese collective that mixed native and electric instruments with sounds of old car parts.Konono N° 1 was widely unknown till Congotronics album in 2004 and a LP-box of the same name this year, that featured several acts from the country walking along the thin line between tribalistic folk music and electronica.Now the track has undergone a treatment by Nonplace Urban Field man Burnt Friedman who […]

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