Rating: 8/10 Sometimes I like fat menus. With mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, you name it. Also in the music, really fat stuff. Here come four calorie-saturated dishes, served by experienced chefs to make you feel heavy and happy thereafter. All the gear slaps and kicks to full enjoyment of bass addicts.Read More →

Rating: 6/10 After a number of tense and slinky releases on own label Geophone, Parker moves on to Europe and continues his series of echo-filled compositions, now on Italian label Aquaplano. In January he did another EP, on German Prologue Music, including a Donato Dozzy remix.From this EP I wouldRead More →

Rating: 7/10 Hard to believe but this is my first Function release, although the guy has been around for more than a decade and recently moved to the spotlight with Sandwell District. Here is David Sumner’s solo effort on a techno label that shows the direction at the moment.Maybe theRead More →

In the mid-nineties, Detroit labels had own very distinctive sounds ranging from Pulsar’s rabid 303 riffs to tight Millsian loops and UR’s futurist funk. It means that Lansing, Michigan, where V-Max Records was founded, had to choose an alternative path that meant faster and more experimental techno tracks and someRead More →