“Something In The Sky” series has reached part five and sticks to the enigmatic concept we know from previous issues. After having torn tens of shrink wraps from Axis’s or Jeff Mills’s records, the question is if the magic is still there when I push the “play” button.Like other SomethingRead More →

Yesterday Tallinn’s club nation had something to choose from: King Britt at the Club Privé, Leo Young at Mutant Disco in Sõprus Cinema and in the Korter Dave Clarke, the fixture for all “tech heads and electro whores” (quote: krtr.ee). Rotermanni area in the Tallinn city is becoming an arteryRead More →

After spotting red-black posters in Tallinn, announcing Dave Clarke’s gig in the club Korter on 19 November, it’s time to recollect some impressions and emotions related to the guy.In recent years I’ve lost somehow interest in his doings, but it was ACV’s “Alternative Current” compilation where I heard D.C. firstRead More →