Hakim Murphy – Wet Analog EP (Episodes 02 – 2012)

Hakim Murphy, a Bachelor in music composition, is another proof that Chicago is not sleeping. Initially fascinated by deep house, Murphy adds throbbing subnotes to the second release on Episodes, recalling the rawness of Warehouse and dryness of Jamal Moss.
Navigating in a magnetic storm, “Technis” might vaguely stick to deep house textures but when we proceed to “Analog Stroll” abstract signals on stripped-down drum machine arrangement take the control, all that rounded up by ample space groove. In “BBQ Knobs” distorted bass is turned on for a real subwoofer test while “Tunnel Dark” is accentuated by rhythmic modulations and comes the closest to soulless machine jack. With his pressurized analog house Murphy tells the heritage of Armando or Cajmere is well preserved.

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