Jack Murphy – Points Zero (Don’t Be Afraid SPE005 – 2014)

It is a peculiar relationship I have to some labels and artists, Don’t Be Afraid being one of them. Enjoying most of their releases, I am not too concerned when missing out some of the output. What prevails is a feel of safety, the knowledge they are around and accessible when I need good music. Luckily, I did not give a miss to Don’t Be Afraid’s newest four-tracker titled “Points Zero”. It comes from Jack Murphy, a San Francisco based artist who had previously released two EPs on Frozen Border sub-label Reference. His Digital Tsunami mix already indicated a good […]

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Powell- Club Music Remixes (Diagonal ‎DIAG 016 – 2014)

Powell and Diagonal have been hitting the high spots with a new breed of body music, and for the year-end invited two exceptional artists, Ancient Methods and Richard H Kirk to the game to rework “Club Music”. Starting with the A: We have not seen any follow-up to “Seventh Sign”, so far the last Ancient Methods release on the self-titled label but the artist has been quite busy recently. “Ohne Hände”, a joint EP with Black Egg, came out on aufnahme + wiedergabe, and last January Eschaton, a collab with Orphx, was set up for a debut on Token. However, […]

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2014 wrap-up: Part Two

After having missed the train of best-of-2014 lists, which took off at the end of November, I still decided for a wrap-up of 2014, doing it in alphabetical order. Here is the second part.   “Irreformable”. A remarkable techno album by Adam X on Sonic Groove, both mainstays of the historical and contemporary techno scene.   Kareem. Industrial techno’s iconic figure unearthed his legendary Zhark imprint with a stunning four-tracker and was part of the excellent “Paris/Berlin” compilation.   Mono Junk. In addition to visiting Tallinn with a DJ set, the founder of DUM Records and a real analog man dropped two […]

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2014 wrap-up: Part One

After having missed the train of best-of-2014 lists, which took off at the end of November, I still decided for a wrap-up of 2014, doing it in alphabetical order.   Afrikan Sciences. “Circuitous” was for me the culmination of PAN’s year.   Berghain. Experienced it in February. Great sets by Sigha, Perc, Truss and live PA by Ancient Methods. Only too much cigarette smoke.   Bordello A Parigi. A special Dutch outlet for getting satisfaction from Riviera disco and sinister electro. Rude 66’s EP was just amazing.   Deep Medi Musik. Although I’m following dubstep only remotely, this label is a fine one. Check the Kahn […]

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Atom™ – Ground Loop (The Bunker New York BK-008 – 2014)

Welcome to analog hell for a pure old school mindf***. After five test presses, Bunker NY has finally approved a tool that stands out in the 2014 techno landscape, brought to us by the huge talent of Atom™. Having started with the EBM act Lassigue Bendthaus in antic 1980s, Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ has survived as an artist up to our days and after passing through sticky warehouses, Latin electro cabarets and sound exhibition areas, another brief but concise chapter in his vast catalog is now complete. Drawn from Atom™ live material that was premiered at the Berghain in May 2013, “Ground Loop” is a […]

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Samuli Kemppi – The Observer Effect (M_Rec Ltd M_RECLTDLP01 – 2014)


No kidding, “Observer Effect” is Samuli Kemppi’s first album and for a producer who emerged in 2002, this step is long overdue. Even if an artist can live without doing albums, because the high metabolic rate of contemporary techno favours short formats for keeping the crowds going with new and new tracks. That’s what Kemppi has done in recent years, putting out a steady stream of EPs on labels like Chronicle, Suicide Circus, Balans, Prologue and also on Deep Space Helsinki, homely imprint set up with Juho Kusti. Together they also run a weekly DSH radio show on Basso Radio, playing fresh promos and some […]

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Adam X – Irreformable (Sonic Groove SGLP-01 – 2014)


A new full-length by any artist having been in the business for a while creates mixed feelings. Even if acknowledged for quality output in the past, the challenge of an album is not always easy to take up. However, when learning about the new longplayer by the Brooklyn-born Adam X aka Adam Mitchell, the feeling of anticipation prevailed over suspicion because techno’s evolution of the last 25 years is unthinkable without him. Once part of the Brooklyn crew with his brother Frankie Bones, Jimmy Crash, Heather Heart, he was a rebel since the very beginning. Someone to put out an […]

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Aisha Devi – Hakken Dub / Throat Dub (Danse Noire DN004 – 2014)


Already topping my Juno chart in August, Aisha Devi’s blistering EP deserves a closer look. Foremostly known as Kate Wax, Devi gives a new meaning to girl power on her own Danse Noire imprint.The Swiss-born, half-Tibetan producer, once a regular in the roster of Mental Groove, offers in the new release plenty of sound variations.“Hakken Dub”, a homage to hakken warcry of Dutch gabber scene, is a razor-sharp cut, with Julee Cruise-like whispers, recalling the heyday of Planet Core and raising the appetite for hardcore revival. “Throat Dub (Tool)” is like didgeridoo and Tuvan throat singing placed over sliding drone textures for a […]

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D. Carbone – Anomalies EP (Mord 011 – 2014)


Another session of intrepid acid techno by the Berlin-based Italian D. Carbone, this time paying a visit to Bas Mooy’s Mord imprint. Relying on the formulas developed in his Repitch labs of industrial techno, unstoppable Carbone serves with “Anomalies EP” another set of machine-driven rudities. Acid showers and boisterous kick drum show the way in “Irritating Collapse”, getting seriously off the leash after the mid-track drop. The the post-collapse phase is led by linear darkside mover “Origin”, the most conventional track of the EP. Dramatic events continue on the B-side, opening with a devastating tidal wave called “Discernment” good for […]

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Perc & Truss – Two Hundred (Perc Trax Limited ‎PTL003 – 2014)


Perc Trax challenging the eardrums again when the label boss teams up with Truss for a robust four-tracker. Pressed in clear vinyl for the label’s Limited series, it bests their last year’s “Spiker”.Because of Blacknecks-style power disco riff sprayed with acid, the “Two Hundred” feels more like a Truss track. For further chaos, a bruised spoken loop around two hundred points at the vocal chop mania once started by Blawan.Hardcore side is exposed in “Judd” [really liking simple but striking track names, not crap like “Levitate The Transcendental Perception”] where whistles and heavy slam provide the build-up for a Saturday night Premier […]

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