Syncom Data – Beyond The Stars (Remixes) (SD Records 05) – 7/10

SD Records, one of the luminaries in the new coming of dub techno with emphasis on the first part of the genre definition, with three remix treatments of “Beyond The Stars”. Speedy J, historical figure behind the floor hymn in praise of to the high-collar knitwear*, makes a powerful apperance on the A-side. He delivers a dark and deep voyage to subconciousness of machines with warped dub effects, clicks and slaps. Nine and a half minutes of the full-on track where BPMs not reach the skies. On B1, Syncom Data does not give much efforts to reinterpret the original but it’s a neat relaxation before Legowelt pumping track flirts with neotrance and combines flute with vocoder.
*”Pullover”, of course.
beyondthestars speedy j remix by jochempaap

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