Mr Raoul K – Mystic Things (Baobab Secret 1002) – 8/10

Raoul K, hailing from Côte d’Ivoire and Hamburg, presents a new gem of his (sub-)label. While Baobab’s first, “Le Cercle Peul” from 2008, was a smooth and unpretentious tribal house then especially the A-side of current outing is a fierce voodoo. More industrial than house, reminding of Jamal Moss’s rougher productions. Title track that is co-produced by Lopazz hits you with lunatic synth drums, native instruments and eating basslines. It’s not admiring the beauty of the nature in a jungle, it’s Abidjan’s vibrant downtown.
B-side’s “No Food No Groove” is a different story. At least the beginning that greets us with West African strings and percussions, in mellow party moods but then the pace is picked up, sounds get harsher and uhudu-uhudu-uhudu is the message. A brief tribute is paid to “Los Ninos de la Parque”. All in all a modern tenebrous hypnotica.

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