ASC – Phobos/Oort Cloud/Matter Of Time (Nonplus Records #006) – 5/10

A promo of ASC’s new album. The opener, “Phobos”, is the best one here – a compressed mosaic of  bass and dub that bears some concealed aggression. A mystic male voice promises something’s gonna happen, assisted by an exotic yell and the sound machine marches along like in former Mille Plateaux-style electro hop and bass experiments. A tight package.
“Oort Cloud” is a floating interlude from the rain forests of the electronica, a bit too short. On the flip, “Matter of Time” spoils the game as it would fit into the soundtrack of “The Beach 2” with L. Di Caprio. Electric-shock-sounding distortions do not improve this lounge-minded and boring track not much. Except “Phobos”, a surprisingly average release.
Phobos by ASC

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