Nacho Patrol – The Africa Jet Band Experience (M Division MDIV07)

Rating: 8/10

Synth freak Danny Wolfers continues his explorations in soulful disco and funk under the Nacho Patrol moniker, delivering a genuine-sounding fiesta of vintage grooves. Except of the knowledge that this record has roots in black music, the references to Africa remain limited and one should not expect any tribal shakers here.

Both “Stars Over Africa” and “Salambo Funk” are thriving party fare with vigorously working synth lines, known from Legowelt’s many productions. “Fuzz Party” and “Ghetto Compressor” move closer to jazz, but real bliss comes in “No Angry People” – such a happy track with fizzy synths and captivating rhythms that bite like snakes and make it an ultimate feel-good tune for the spring 2011. Just cannot get it out of my head. For the end, some Mesopotamian feeling comes up in “Solomonic Dynasty”.

For those with serious appetite for patrolling nachos, a limited package with 12-inch, CD album and a mix-CDR would help, to make you stuffed for a while.

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