Lory D – Strange Days Vol. 1 (Numbers 13 – 2011)

Rating: 10/10

Acid is in the house when plenty of producers cherish the genre’s history and reproduce bubbling tracks that smell after warehouse parties. In the same new releases sometimes try to reinvent something reinvented a while ago and but there are exceptions, such as Lory D and his first record on Numbers.

Twenty years after his debut, the Italian is still in possession of grandmaster touch and drops two impressive acid cuts. Both “Acidronix” and “Acid Prastix” show a broad grin of smileys. Although too short, “Acidronix” is a bold mover for those who are feeling homesickness for old school raves. Silver box conveys its message, sawtooth bass cuts with pleasure and connections with EBM are not too far-fetched. On the flip, “Acid Prastix” is like a slinky serpent finding its way through adhesive analog sequences and striking acid lines. Drum patterns jump and collide in a hectic manner for virtual stagediving.

For sure, thirteen is a lucky (catalogue) number and “Strange Days Vol. 1” is recommended to all dedicated citizens of rave nation that makes to wait for the sequel. The arrival of Lory D on Numbers means that the label moves towards a more varied roster and can’t be defined a bass/dubstep platform anymore. When compared with the first Numbers release, “The Golden Handshake EP”, the current one is very different.

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