Raime – The Three Chambers Of Our Entities / Living In The Gaps We Cannot Jump (BLACKESTSE001)

Rating: 9/10

It happened on 6 July 2011 when the edition of 50 copies was sold in a couple of hours, after tweeted by Blackest Ever Black. Meticulously handcrafted, good-smelling cardboard package was shipped to several countries of the world, hopefully not to be confiscated by customs.

The surround sound DVDr contains a 15-minute utterly claustrophobic composition where the main hero struggles to find a way out of the maze. After many minutes of dark ambient hiss, Raime leads out with its trademark distilled percussion. The video fits well to the music – the screen is in pitch-black mode.

The CDr is a mix made for Sonar and extended with two tracks. As anticipated we meet a number of 1980’s dark wave and industrial bands – along Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242 and Yellow Magic Orchestra many groups that have enjoyed less limelight. Wild drum dance by Pink Military sounds like the band is Raime’s godmother, The Klinik is fond of furious machine poetry, (Hypothetical) Prophet builds a tower of synths and Ike Yard is engaged in shamanism. Another tip is Hula before it starts to feel like at home when Front 242 and YMO close the play.

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