Shitcluster / Unit Moebius Anonymous – Untitled (Chan’s 1)

Rating: 9/10

Sounds from the far side where mud people eat stones and are hunted by last remaining pterosaurs. On the A-side it’s not even mud, it’s the act oddly called Shitcluster that runs its own thing, sharing a bad dream filled with eerie sounds from the caves. City is dying proclaims dystopian voice, accompanying crawling bass for the last rites before the demise. Shitcluster’s debut on Bunker some years ago was sheer madness and, fortunately, their state of mind has not showed any signs of improvement since that.
Unit Moebius has been around with re-releases, called the Golden Years series, but UM Anonymous is a spin-off run by Jan Duivenvoorden. Helium voices on hectic breakbeat and monotone agitated percussion carry the track to entire 18 minutes. Creepy machine abstractions from The Hague for well-trained electro heads.

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