**** Syncom Data – Vuile Vieze Rotte Muziek (SD Records SDD26 – 2023)

Syncom DataAfter a brief scrutiny, a bouncer with criminal record opens the door. To the genuine underground where Syncom Data are performing The Hague’s theme song for 2023. In “Vuile Vieze Rotte Muziek”, lambasting beats and Deejay Raoul’s chopping vocals praise the city’s raw and dirty sound. Even with uncomplicated sound structure, it has a penetrating effect. Militant oddball rhythms for those who know, reminding of Shitcluster and Unit Moebius Anonymous ventures.

Fresh out from the minds of Syncom Data is also “Acid Test Eins“. By sound it keeps a clear distance from the label with a similar name. The 303 scrub of the original is proudly sourced from DJ Pierre’s classic “Acid Tracks”, while the rapturous “Messe Mix” is a sulfur-smelling darkroom champion. Bandcampers get a bonus bang with “Op Je Muil” mix. Thus the “Acid Test Zwei” would be much appreciated.

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