DUST OFF: Andre Holland – City Of Fear (UR.032 – 1995)

A classic that perfectly represents Underground Resistance’s sound aesthetics from the mid-1990s. In the label’s catalog it might look a bit underrated, but in fact offers three tracks of pure excellence by Andre Holland aka The Infiltrator.

For the start comes meditative electro in “City Of Fear”, themed for a situation when the crime is lurking in the streets where machine guns and police alarms can’t be overheard. But the track does not carry any brutality, is just asking in a subtle manner why?

“Inversions” steps away from grim feelings and turns the face to the sun, with merrier chords and hi-tech jazz we know from many UR releases. A perfectly sounding tech-house cut. The machines speak on the B-side called “The Outback” – torrid electro of reverberating pads and booming bass in a nine-minute piece full of pure power.
“City Of Fear” is a great example of Detroit styles and a strong recommendation to anyone for a proper UR feel.

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