Various – 14 Tracks Of Psychotic Repetition (Boomkat bundle_178)

Rating: 9/10

Boomkat continues the 14 Tracks series with a digital bundle that could easily be the compilation of the year, especially for those who value venturous electronic sounds. I hardly buy any digital releases but seeing a number of exciting artists here, I did not hesitate a moment.
The entire thing is like 21th Century Woodstock with electronic reincarnations of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead. A colorful  hippie camp emits intoxicating lo-fi sound layers and stir up the surroundings. A parallel with Woodstock is not far-fetched as the compilation might be easily titled “The Power of New American Sound”, the lion’s share of the artists coming from the US.
It’s a mixture of a number of electrified prog rock sabbaths (Innercity, Diamond Catalog), explorations of  galactic vastness (Cruise Family, Ricardo Donoso, Mark Fell, Astral Social Club), runaway bass experiments (Ekoplekz, Lukid), werewolf waltzers (Oneohtrix Point Never), obscure beeping and oscillating orgies (Antti Rannisto and Ben Vida, who really goes to the limits) and dark orchestration (Vatican Shadow). Plus Container’s perilous nu techno and Hieroglyphic Being’s familiar jacking rhythms.
Highly recommended for understanding how does the future of electronic music sound. Just switch it on and get a blazing party of almost two hours.
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