Recorded from Finnish public radio channel called Radiomafia, the mix contains many usual suspects of the rave scene from the beginning of 1990’s. It’s not really underground, because acts like Channel X, Digital Orgasm, MNO, Holy Noise were found on many major compilations that time. But after a break ofRead More →

Rating: 8/10 This music is difficult to fit into tight places as it needs high ceilings. Cathedrals would suit the best, especially for the A-side’s “Dada Les Apocalypses”. Solemn droning organ music, both festive and menacing, for the very last minutes before the final demise.Witches would like distorted pumping lo-fiRead More →

Taipei techno squad Smoke Machine offers pure quality with its guest mixes and now it’s the turn of Abdulla Rashim from Sweden to be on the decks. Once his biography claimed he hails from a tribe in Botswana and after years of hardship has found redemption in 4/4 beats, yesRead More →

The last month’s chart generated in Juno sees Kassem Mosse leading the game with “Enoha EP“, a percussive deep house experience in electro dressing. Blawan is another guy to watch out and although his EP on tradition-filled imprint R&S received controversial critics, it’s a blatant mixture of techno and house.Read More →