Bintus – Corrosion Control (Power Vacuum POWAVAC001)

Rating: 7/10

There are hundreds of quintillions possible combinations for solving the Rubik’s cube. Easily the same amount could be attributed to programming options of 303 or 808. Often challenged by the fear to remain just a copycat of Phuture or Hardfloor, the producers still keep going to replenish the specter of acid tracks.
Now it’s Bintus from Berlin trying his luck with the first release for newly founded Power Vacuum label. Title track “Corrosion Control” seems tired like a coal miner after extra shift because of montone midtempo programming. It’s not even cheered up when the bass knob is turned to the extremes closer to the end.
Thumbs up for “Advanced Fuel”, which carries much higher energetic value with ample silver box grooves, accented breaks and nautical effects. Like from the days of Burger Industries and Jammin Unit, nice electric funk to gain some recognition on the floors. With some room for improvement it’s a promising start by Bintus.

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