Claudio PRC – Inner State (Prologue PRGLP002)

Release date is 29 March 2012

Munich-based Prologue Music is discovering the fun of long format and currently trusting this job to Italian producers. While Donato Dozzy and Neel presented with “Voices From The Lake” a CD with crisp and clear ambient sounds, fellow countryman Claudio PRC is about to complete double wax filled with foggy dubs, arcane drones, and hollow beats. Keeping the atmosphere of constant menace of earlier Prologue releases, most cuts on the album carry underworldly tones, to research hidden corners of human subconsciousness.

Found some standout tracks here: In “Black Hole” an irresistible vacuum machine sucks you into the abyss and in “Radial” loops are made of vitriolic substance. “Leave” with its beatless ambient is for moments of self-reflection while the LP also includes some standard droning techno (“Commutate”, “Transparent”). In general, a pretty decent LP debut by the Sardinian who proves to be a techno artist with potential.

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