Panabrite – Soft Terminal (Digitalis DIGIV036 – 2012)

If a composition called “Rainbow Sequence” opens the album titled “Soft Terminal”, it heralds tranquilizing moments and coziness. Having heard only occasional samples from Panabrite’s previous work, the new album by Norm Chambers gives a clear proof of his craftsmanship and lets to perceive the lightness of the sound. Eight episodes of the goodnight fables for the young and old to make people dream in color.

Panabrite’s music is from a wildlife preserve where wolves and lambs are drinking from the same source. My favorite is “Index Of Gestures”, a piece where essential elements of Panabrite’s sound creation are crystallized – it’s like breathing oxygen-rich air under clear skies. First tones in “Janus” make to think about a guest appearance by Simon & Garfunkel, and the guitar plays a central role along with yearning synth waves, reminding of Nuel’s “Trance Mutation”, as does the concluding “Sound Softly”. In “Beta Axis Terminal” oscillating blobs transform into a synth feast with subtle vocoder and “Microlife” is a deep blue meditative piece.

Some (vocoded) parts of the record remind of Mitgang Audio’s excellent album from 2003, but in a much slower note. It’s soft and safe, a true example of wellness music. The album would be a good educational tool for anybody having strong prejudice on electronica. Panabrite and Ricardo Donoso, both under Digitalis umbrella, are the main contenders for the throne of the Lord of Synths in 2012.

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