L-Vis 1990 – Club Constructions Vol. 1 (Night Slugs NSCC001 – 2012)

L-Vis 1990 in the ghetto for a booty-shaking and testosterone-dripping jaunt, in full compliance with old Chicago traditions. In a broad and load manner the UK youngster drops five striking cuts sounding like Dance Mania on steroids. “Workout” kicks in the best a**-n-ti**ies style, but real gems are “Video Drone”, a percussive attack of killer bees, and rhythm orgy “Hard Drive”, with no strings attached for ecstatic peak hours. Some percolator is given in “Girl Clap” and “Rubber Crash” issues alarms like Robert Armani did in old days.
Full props to L-Vis 1990 having embarked on a mission to give a new life to Chicago heritage. While acid house has been around all the time, ghetto has stayed in the background since DJ Assault on Electrofunk. Now a restart is on, which also brings Night Slugs back to my radar.

L-Vis 1990 – Club Constructions Vol. 1

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