DUST OFF: Aamukirkko / Morning Church on 15 Nov 1992, Helsinki

A piece of paper that awakes fond memories about a special night. In November 1992, following The Temple rave in Helsinki’s Paasitorni, numerous techno heads gathered in Lepakko (The Bat), a legendary home of youth culture and mad parties, to dance to exhaustion.

DJs Ata, Heiko M/S/O and Pascal F.E.O.S. from Frankfurt am Main plus local heroes Jokke, Mr Kirk, H2 and Ender delivered it to the crowd that had just witnessed a massive celebration of rave spirit at The Temple, an event that warrants a special story (some pictures are here).

For giving audio context to the flyer from 15 November 1992, Ongaku’s “Mihon” is my choice. Strobes on!

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