Inigo Kennedy – Vignettes (Two) (SEMANTICA 36 – 2012)

A techno man for over 15 years, Inigo Kennedy was initially associated with labels like ZET and Missile in the second half of the 1990’s. Thereafter he took it easier until making a return to the studio some years ago. Formerly known as a backer of harsh 4/4 beats, Kennedy now explores new directions and follows up the first “Vignettes” experimental single released last year on Semantica.
The second installment sees Kennedy moving closer to the floor again. Made for club charts is “Shapeshifter”, a mid-pace techno cut with abstract notes and occasional deep bass rave stabs, sending fluorescent sinusoids flashing through time and space. “Disquiet” bombs protons in thin air in an electrofied exercise. The B-side concludes with digital ballad “Ihana”, which feels like picking the summer’s first strawberries. Different from what I remember Kennedy doing, but contains a fair amount of excitement.

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  1. A 12 with Patrick Walker coming out soon on Inner Surface Music as well!

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