Blawan – Long Distance Open Water Worker (Black Sun Records BSR05 – 2012)

No-nonsense functional tool by the young and already prolific techno wizard, spraying a hefty dose of testosterone into the air. For the German imprint Black Sun, the Brit has constructed a hybrid of modulated voices and banging beats.

The best for the start: Bouncing bass rampage makes “Scarborough Harbour” a techno track to beat in 2012. Alienated jabbering reminding of „Male Stripper“ and fast-forward tribal rattle are the ingredients for psyched-out moments on the floor. Hi-hats and fat bass push the compressor funk of “Breathe Them Knees In” and “Grafter Gets A Home“ bites with industrial-tainted programming on repetitive, but in the same dull voice sample. For the end bone-dry „6 To 6 Lick“ with EQ’d machine gun staccato.

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