Ancient Methods vs. Kareem – Exstinctio Conscientia (Fondation Sonore 001 – 2012)

Berlin duo Ancient Methods, purveyors of the pitch black techno war funk (Boomkat), join forces with Zhark mastermind Kareem for a dream-team of industrial techno. Ancient Methods have been a flagship of the genre for the last couple of years, but special shouts  go to Kareem – nice to see him back and well in form again. Expecting the post to deliver the vinyl soon, I’m pretty convinced “Exstinctio Conscientia” is a striking debut of the French label Fondation Sonore.

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  1. Man, this Ancient Methods interpretation sounds like Tom Builder from Ken Follet’s classic novel ‘Pillars of the Earth’ going bananas with a large sledge hammer, properly intoxicated, attempting to build medieval Berghain.

  2. Nothing to add to the previous, a striking description of the power it radiates. My Hardwax order has left Berlin, keeping fingers crossed for smooth logistics.

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