Headless Horseman – Headless Horseman 001 (HDL001 – 2013)

The debut of the Headless Horseman imprint is a worthy reincarnation of the 19th-century fiction hero as the dark raver. Anonymous three-tracker offers proper techno with fair amount of variations in the shadier side of the electronic music.
Decapitated Centaur leads us to the territories covered by psychedelic dust when all begins with the jangling stepper “Chatterton Hill” which is pretty close to Regis’s exploits on Blackest Ever Black. Straightforward floor action is served by “Hessian” with dark kicks and crackling noise layers while bewitched sub-bass and fierce stabs in “Sleepy Hollow” remind of  Cassegrain’s and Goth-Trad’s handwriting. Impressive.

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