Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy – Journey Back To Ithaca (Outis Music Outis004 – 2013)

Release date is in July 2013

Travels in mythology continue on Dino Sabatini’s Outis when the label’s frontman teams up with fellow Italian Donato Dozzy for two trippy tracks inspired by the epic paths of Odysseus. In a convincing manner the sails are set for a home journey back to Ithaca.
One might hear cyclopes hooting from distance when “Telemacus” follows up Sabatini’s recent shamanic paths combined with Dozzy’s rigid percussion programming. Jolty drum loops would fit to the Blackest Ever Black plate while another serving suggestion is “The Point”, a 1997 track by Surgeon & Vice. On the flip, like driven by a vast and oily engine, “Penelope” boasts metronomic fat bass and string effects to round up this quality release.
Sabatini’s and Dozzy’s Roman reunion and black-tainted functional electronics recall the times of Elettronica Romana. It was when Sabatini released as Modern Heads and Dozzy made a few joint releases for the label, once a publishing platform for Giorgio Gigli, Claudio Prc and others too.

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  1. is it possible to own a dozzy record?

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