DJ Deka ( podcast for MRK.EE

This is my first podcast for, the Estonian organization for techno parties. The mix starts with „Choice“ from Perc’s fabulous album „Wicker & Steel“ and features some other tracks from the archives. However the focus is on new or unreleased material; labels represented are Semantica, M_Rec Ltd, NX1, Keys Of Life, Headless Horseman and many more. Shouts go out to the excellent techno crowd of MÜRK!

Perc – Choice
Eduardo de la Calle – Quasi Calligraphic
Liss C. – Modulation (Truncate Remix)
Samuli Kemppi – Extragalactic
Stanislav Tolkachev – No Home No Flag
Juho Kusti – Twin Oaks
Helical Scan – Index I
NX1 – NX1 05 15
Sawf – Skotos (Henning Baer Remix)
Lovecore – Kalk A1
Varg – Mount Analogue
Legowelt – Ritual Of Abramelin
D. Carbone – Untitled.2 (Repitch 000.2)
Metasplice – Buoyant Slight
Headless Horseman – Decapitation
Teersom – TIA
Blacknecks – A2 000001
J Tijn – Jack 2
Orphx – Outcast
Bigod 20 – The Bog (Techno Duck Mix)

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