Astronomical Telegram – Near-Heart Object EP (Reaktivate RKTV001 – 2013)

When after a number of digital releases a record label seeks tangible output for its ideas and emotions, it’s like coming of age. The same applies to the vinyl debut of the Portuguese imprint Reaktivate, which presents for the vinyl challenge a rookie from Colombia and several household names on the remix side.
Astronomical Telegram, alter ego of Daniel Restrepo from Medellin, is responsible for the title track. The slamming original is a sinister introduction and breathes the same air with darker techno productions, albeit not fully avoiding some cliches, making it a suitable companion for poorly lit places.
The remix section is opened by Dead Sound & Videohead, seen around solo or together on Gynoid Audio and Perc Trax, who dig deeper for a chunky armored piece. The EP’s most devastating contribution comes from Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo who drops a magnetized version, building it up from grey haze to full mind domination. For the end the Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev is slightly detached from the overall grim atmosphere of the EP when bundles illuminated textures with crisscross drum patterns. A promising start by the label from Porto.

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