D.Carbone Meets Honzo – In A Bipolar Disorder (3TH Records 3TH003 – 2013)

The third EP of the Berlin-based 3TH Records sees Davide Carbone, a troublemaker from Naples, undergoing a split personality test when he meets self-invented alter ego called Honzo.
Carbone’s own side asks hard heads to reserve the front seats for a stormy spectacle, opened by “Unconscious Tool”, rushing through the highs and lows of indecent acid lines and colliding with the dark room walls. It’s followed by dirty-gritty workout “Alternate Control”, accommodating a nervous riff soaked in toxic sludge.
Honzo’s inhuman nature, in turn, has abandoned straightforward programming for abstract and industrial noise. Slowly killing “Dissociation” bombs with acid bursts and disoriented voices from a robot bazar but the real annihilation arrives with “Seizure”, a massive pile-up of ruthless noise, shrill signals and jolting percussion for a heavy industry experience. That’s loud!

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