L’estasi Dell’oro ‎– Kingdom For A Kiss (Berceuse Heroique ‎BH 004 – 2013)

Berceuse Heroique CEO Kemal has hauled Flaneur Audio and Voodoo Down Records operative Christopher Ernst from the US to a grueling trip on the nonconformist label from London.
The invasive two-tracker fills close to 30 minutes of our miserable life, starting the A-side’s filthy noise and haunting voices united under the banner of rusty cogwheel. Built on a neverending sequence, the A-side is akin to analog rumble in techno about 20 years ago.
Nothing biodegradable on the B-side either, when masters of distorted acid techno, Unit Moebius Anonymous and Shitcluster, are rising from the stinky sewers of The Hague. About 14 minutes of corporal punishment with pitched-down phrases and hydraulic hammering for the bad dreams of bourgeoisie.

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