Anom Vitruv – Untitled EP (ZCKR08 – 2013)

Bonjour miserable world, says Anom Vitruv, a Swiss artist having previously released on Tabernacle and Offseason and now paying a visit to the experimental outlet ZCKR from Bremen, Germany.

Buried beneath abstract noise and distortion, the EPs three tracks feed the bad dreams, like in the rumbling A-side where chaotic soundbites interfere with bewildered voice and the track gradually adopts a distinctive synth groove before droning away.

B1’s smutty dubs and vocoded storytelling are overtaken by angst-inducing noise that leads to the concluding statement you are going to die while the B2 track opens with dark ambient and pressurized loop before encountering a high-voltage grid for a long-lasting agony. Surreal and depressing sound documentations, in line with ZCKR’s basics.

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