AnD – Kundalini EP (Electric Deluxe EDLX.034 – 2014)

After “Ard Core Krew” on Ann Aimee, AnD’s floor rage continues on another Dutch-rooted label when Speedy J’s outfit Electric Deluxe drops “Kundalini EP”.
Three vinyl cuts to express the Mancunian duo’s in-your-face attitude, starting with hammering and abrasive 4/4 ride “The Jellyfish” on the A-side. The flip sports factory-inspired wiggly repetition of “Dtadtmat” and password-inspired “IcDbYc” for decelerated and distorted bass lesson, the most appealing cut here.
AnD’s fondness for deviations gets another meaning with the digital extra “DTR”, stretched to 10 minutes of ambient drone and nagging rhythm while “Dysekt” reacquires floor elements.

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