Ducerey Ada Nexino – Cycles, Children & Islands EP (GENESA004V – 2014)

Believe it or not, this is Yuji Kondo’s first solo vinyl, released under the Ducerey Ada Nexino moniker on Scalameriya’s Serbian imprint Genesa. Three of Japanese producer’s tracks run on familiar shredded rhythms and spitfire stabs, topped with splintered vocal loops. The best pick is “Mouth Of Which” [witch?], stepping on grainy surface and assisted by secretive female reciting.
While Kondo deviates from techno’s 4/4 fixation, Scalameriya’s fiery remix of “Mouth Of Which” moves closer to linear DJ tools. Digital-only “Moon Phase Letterpress” is a crackling ambient drone, a compulsory part of many techno releases.
The new EP has much in common with Kondo’s reworks of DJ Skirt and Sawf and recent own tracks on Inner Surface or Par Wax. “Cycles, Children & Islands EP” is pressed in grey and black marbled vinyl with the artwork by Russian photo artist Nadja Sveir.

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