Blacknecks – Blacknecks 005 (BLKN 005 – 2014)

After months of speculations about the identity of Blacknecks, the veil of secrecy was lifted at the 21st birthday party of Birmingham’s House Of God where Truss and Bleaching Agent were playing as Blacknecks. For the time being the disclosure does not mean the act has ceased operations as the fifth installment has hit the road with new floor assaults.

Staying tuned to the italo channel, the opener “Never Forget” is loaded with a sturdy disco riff, to follow up the smash hit “To The Cosmos, Let’s Go!”. The bass drum stampede “Holzer Mane” bears comparison with 1990s Frankfurt hardcore, like T-Bone Castro’s “I Want Cha”, while”Hotline” is the most abstract of the lot with eruptive stabs and robotic samples referring to a hotline number 07754******.

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