Rude 66 – The Kill (Bordello A Parigi ‎BAP016 – 2014)

A sleek hand with colored fingernails holding a shiny sharpened knife: The sleeve promises terror and suspense but well-versed Dutchman Ruud Lekx aka Rude 66 is on a surprisingly convivial trip. The grandmaster of The Hague’s electro acid discovers the fun factor of easy-going synth tracks, out on Bordello A Parigi imprint.
The opener “The Kill” is a heavily vocoded electro disco and a glitzy number for jetset satisfaction, followed by slow synth jam “Answers Always Come In Dreams”.
The real smash opens the B-side when hi-nrg explosion “Paranoia” sings hallelujah to tax evaders and money launderers on the run, the sinister vocal part done by the artist’s wife Shaunna Lekx. “What Matters” captures a conversation from orbital station in the glimmering suite slightly in the vein of Ricardo Donoso’s works. All that on repeat, please.

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