Release date is in April 2014 Having debuted in the first release of Berlin-based 3TH Records, the label’s co-founder Lucindo returns with a fierce four-tracker. The artist might have adopted the one-time moniker Lucifer for “Human Invasion”as the EP is launched with gaseous fireballs like “Act 83” and “Act 86”,Read More →

The tracklist with buy links (not all of them available as of 11 April):Architectural – Cold Wet Grass (Architectural Records)*Juho Kahilainen – Xemx (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)Klankman – Love Hurts (Bunker)Iron Curtis – Spirals (Polytone Recordings)John Osborn & Tallmen785 – Deskjam (Tom Dicicco Remix) (Run Out Run)*Terrence Dixon – TheRead More →

Sweden, Colombia, Ukraine and USA – this is the background of artists featured in the sixth part of Semantica’s Nonnative series. Pär Grindvik, the Berlin-based founder of Stockholm LTD and a trusted source for rolling techno tracks, leads in with oxygenous bells-and-bass cut “Mould, Damp, Love”. Adriana Lopez, a producerRead More →

It’s a new label it’s a new dawn. Colin Bain, the artist behind Device Control, hails from Glasgow and launches the self-titled imprint with a sharp-cut EP. At closer listening “The Age Of Disinformation” sporadically sounds like a tribute to Neil Landstrumm’s similarly titled “Understanding Disinformation” from 1996, if only to thinkRead More →

The artwork of “Konstellaatio” gives a clue to the foundations of Mika Vainio’s new album as Ø. It’s about summers in the Nordic countryside, grandma’s mythological tales from the memorable days between self-indulgence, when kids went picking wild strawberries under the burning sun, and suspense, when they were spying at a hauntedRead More →