Dino Sabatini & Edit Select – Mnenosyne (Outis Music Outis005 – 2014)

Release date is in May 2014

Glaswegian artist Anthony Scott MacKinnon, known in the scene as Edit Select, is Dino Sabatini’s new production associate for Outis Music and for the Italian’s collaboration series dedicated to Greek mythology. In the heels of “Journey Back To Ithaca”, excellent dark-tainted functional electronics with Donato Dozzy, three-track “Mnemosyne” will be a regular in many DJ booths.

Whereas hacked tribesman rhythm of “Terpsichore” reminds strongly of the previous Outis release while “Euterpe” gets a powerful 4/4 boost, appealing to the floors under domination of hyperactive smoke machines. After astronomical first tones, the B-side’s “Urania” continues with the same 124 BPM pace like the opener, smoothly driven by a compressed loop.
The studio time was seemingly well spent because Edit Select’s debut album “Phlox”, out this spring on Prologue, includes another collab track.

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