John Osborn & Tallmen. 785 – Meldrum (Run Out Run ‎RUNOR1003 – 2014)

After two-part EP “Under The Aquadrome”, written by the label founder Tom Dicicco, London’s Run Out Run sees the first visiting producers in the pit. Both belong to the flock of current Berlin residents but Tallmen.785 aka Brian Mitchell hails from Kansas, US and John Osborn, not to be confused with Spectral Sound’s Osborne, from London.
So far affiliated through the label Tanstaafl (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) Records, a label co-run by Osborn with Eric Cloutier and October, the two come up with full-bodied three tracker. “Meldrum” plays with subtle dubs and strong funk factor while jazzy notes and vocal sample position “Deskjam” to the house floor. Of the latter Dicicco has created a power version with extra kick and weighty chords, making it the best pick here.

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