Stefan Jaworzyn – Principles Of Inertia (Trensmat TR043 – 2014)

Despite of being attached to the UK power electronics and experimental scene from the end of 1980s, Stefan Jaworzyn’s solo work has been limited to a few releases about 20 years ago. Formerly guitar player in the bands Skullflower and Whitehouse, Jaworzyn has made 2014 a year of his resurgence with new albums on Blackest Ever Black, Kye and now on Trensmat.
Do not be misled by the bright sunflower on the sleeve because “Principle Of Inertia” exhibits Jaworzyn’s affection to rhythmic noise. The opening tracks. “Biorigged” and “Festival Of Lies” are feasts of short wave modulations and cyberpunk-esque dirty drumming with chilly winds blowing over deserted landscapes. Body-piercing “Gland Collector”, based on a jabbing and punching synth inferno of ten minutes, is the album’s best pick. Disorderly “Apocalypse” follows a more abstract rhtyhm pattern while swaying pads of the digital-only “Dawn Of A New Ice Age” express the hopeful side of the climate change. Rebellious and intense album.

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