Kareem – The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here (ZHARK 024 – 2014)

The resurgence continues: After some bits of new material in recent years, industrial techno’s iconic figure Kareem unearths his legendary Zhark imprint with a stunning four-tracker to reaffirm his talent in the field of harsh grooves and noisy frictions.
Kareem’s tracks have a strong floor appeal and despite of ghastly undertones they stimulate the forward-looking side of the crowd. The title “The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here” serves this purpose as a properly whipping and slapping cut transforming to chaotic rumble and relentlessly revolving “Wildpitch, I Think I Loved You” comes like a strangled version of DJ Sneak’s blue funk.
Jetting along with sinister vibes and rustic bass, “Divine Hunger” is a sleek masterpiece coming live and direct from a vampire feast and causing a mental hurricane. For the end, stumbling over bleached bones in Mojave Desert, “La Iguana” can be called almost a meditative trip when compared to the previous, but obeys the strict machine rhythm.
Kareem’s new EP can be regarded as a successor to “Exstinctio Conscientia“, a split release with Ancient Methods that kicked off exciting Fondation Sonore label. Now the industrial techno’s professor has revealed a challenging sonic BDSM session and meanwhile keeps part of Zhark’s backstock available again.

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