Mono Junk – Untitled (Skudge White ‎SKUDGE-W06 – 2014)

There’s an obvious appeal in Kimmo Rapatti’s irregular release schedule, which means the man of experience from Finland prefers quality over quantity. After a three-year break, 2014 marks another active phase for the Finn with releases on Forbidden Planet and, before that, on Sweden’s appreciated Skudge White series, both under the classic Mono Junk moniker.
The Skudge release consists of two partitions: On both sides the first tracks are off the leash and do serious damage on the floor. Voltage meter hits new heights in brazen acidic workout “Electric Chair” and in “Jupiter Acid” vortical interference continues with whopping claps and sharp-edged acid pulses. The other two, “Yhteys” and “Härinähouse”, come closer to Mono Junk’s classic “Beyond The Darkness” and the Melody Boy 2000 material with ethereal and melodic notes over analogue filth.
A brilliant continuation of the journey that started over 20 years ago, when an analogue junkie from Finland turned into Mono Junk. No wonder that the EP sold out quickly at most outlets.

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