Various – The Giant Monarch (Fifth Wall Records 5WALL013 – 2014)

Set up by Hound Scales and Divvorce, Brooklyn imprint Fifth Wall Records belongs to the bunch of US labels effectively averting current techno clichés.
New mini compilation opens with post-witch house oddity by L’estasi Dell’oro, the man behind the labels Voodoo Down, Flaneur Audio and recently sighted on Berceuse Heroique. Inaugural Gothic drone and delirious moaning of “Der Hase” predict a dark ambient piece until a hi-hat driven tempest sweeps over boisterous bass.
Incredibly groovy “Under Sharer” by debuting artist Loric possesses both technoid cadence and nonchalant house hedonism while Greg Z, another first-timer, reformulates DBX’s dry and slapping percussion in “Public Anomie”.
Shawn O’Sullivan, Midwest native and today one of New York’s most interesting techno producers, excels in “Fumarin” with snake charmer qualities when looping a tropical bird song on solid bass, to round up a set of true delights by Fifth Wall. Most recommended is also the label’s recent charity compilation “No Person Is An Island”.

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