Edanticonf – Human Body Movement (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series MRECLTDGS09 – 2014)

Release date is in July 2014

Four variations on the theme “Movement” by the Italian artist Edanticonf who has previously claimed a central spot in the roster of the Vancouver imprint Silent Season.
Usually we can smell dub techno in Edanticonf’s productions and his approach on the EP for M_Rec Ltd’s Grey Series is not hugely different. After being introduced with swirling arpeggios recalling the heyday of Berlin’s MFS, the other tracks maintain the fidgety synth line, placed over a solid set of echoing textures and technoid pulses. The B1 track goes more atmospheric while the final one belongs to the league of most usual dub techno tracks.
Edanticonf is clearly referring to classic trance influences in his newest production, showing the joyful side of electronic music. Like other Grey Series releases, “Human Body Movement” is vinyl-only and comes with nicely daring artwork, here endorsed by a literally teasing video.

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