Orlando Voorn – Black Diamond (Outelectronic Recordings OUTA 002 – 2014)

Orlando Voorn has been credited for being the first Dutch producer creating the link between techno communities in Detroit and Amsterdam about 20 years ago. Ever since Voorn has been tagged as Detroit producer putting out tunes in the spirit of Motor City.
A prolific soundwriter under numerous aliases, Voorn was very active in the 1990s with proto-rave tracks as The Nighttripper, electro anthem “Flash” (as Fix) or records on his own Detroit-based label Ignitor.
Although never been actually away, 2014 is again a blooming year for Voorn with three EPs out before the album. The new LP ranges from dreamy pads (“Rewind”) to techno soul (“Black Diamond”) and promising dance cuts (“Relaxation”, “Gain Upwards”). It has plenty of chords and stimulating synth layers with bits of acid (“Acid Trip”), all that making the album a telling document of Voorn’s sound processing. A lovely techno full-length for the summer.

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